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 At the foot of Mt.jyogane of Uenaegi , there was a castle main building
of Koeji Castle , samurai desidences , and Koeji Temple. At dusk , the bells of Koeji Temple would ring far away, and the light of the fullmoon would have shined on the surface of Koeji Pond. However , the abolition of Buddha of the Naegi clan in the early Meiji era almost completely eliminated the valuable literature and cultural heritage related to the Koeji Castle that should have remained in and around the Koeji Temple site.

 About 700 years ago , during the 200 years from the Kamakura period to the Muromachi period , rhere was Koeji Castle at the foot of Mt.Jyogane in Uenaegi , Fukuoka , Nakatsugawa City , Gifu Prefecture.
 The fort was built on the summit of Mt.Jyogane , and on the flat land at the foot of the mountain , there was a castle main building , samurai residences , and Koeji Temple , Uenaegi was prosperous as the center of Fukuoka.

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 Hokyointo Tower and Gorinto Tower
 Koeji Castle Ruins and Koeji Pond
 Koeji Temple Ruins
 Around the Koeji Temple Ruins

 However , in the Waring States period , Koeji Castle was related to what is now Takamori , Nakatsugawa City , Gifu Prefecture. This is Naegi Castle. In Misaka Kodoki , it is stated that "the castle area is called Naegi after the old name of Uenaeg"i. Nobunaga Oda raised the daughter from Naegi Castle as an adopted daughter , married Katsuyori Takeda , and prepared for Shingen Takeda.
 Even now , Hokyointo Tower , Gorinto Tower , Masonry , old well , Kannon-do , garden pond , etc. remain at the foot of Mt. Jyogane in Uenaegi.
 In the Uenaegi district , the "Koeji CastleWarrior Procession" was held after the Koeji Castle for the entertainment of Fukuoka summer festival in 1999.
 It was also introduced in the Chunichi Newspaper and August 1999 issue of "Publoc Relations Fukuoka".
 It is regrettable that the number of people in Fukuoka who know that Fukuoka has a valuable historical cultural heritage at the foot of Mt. Jyogane is decreasing.
 I would like to to introduce the histrical Fukuoka cultural heritage "the foot of Mt. Jyogane" through my webpsite , etc. , and strongly hope that the foot of Mt. Jyogane will be revived.

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