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LastUpdate 4/6/2023

1.Interesting "Android App"!    Introducing high school math self-made simulation android smartphone & tabllet app

2.Formula Manipulation Software "Maxima"!   【Consider how to use "Maxima" in high school mathematics

3.The World of "Infinite Series"!   【Consider pi , the base e of natural logarithms , and the natural number 1 by infinite series

4."Throw Coins to Find an Approximation of Pi"!    Introducing self-made simulation software that can be used in high school math

5."Shopping Boy"!    Introducing self-made software that can be used in life unit learning at special needs schools

6.Calculation Drill Software "AddSubtract Boy"! 
Introducing self-made software that can be used in math at special needs schools

 7.Self-made Web Page Link Collection  【 "Subject Imformation","Malaysia","University Malaya","Uenaegi","Koeji Castle",
"Singapore" ,"PC Music","Malay", "Cambodia" , etc.】

 The old version of the [Makkun's Training Trip for Windows] web learning software is available in the high school content (math) of the "learning room" of the Gifu Prefectual Board of Education's homepage "Gifu Marugoto Gakuen". http://gakuen.gifu-net.ed.jp/ This was developed by the Gifu Prefectual Educational Content Development Committee High School Mathematics Subcommittee in 2001-2002.

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