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 For about 200 years from the Kamakura period to the Muromachi period , about 700 yers ago , there was a castle owner's mansion , samurai residence , and Koeji Temple at the foot of Mt.Jyogane. At dusk , the bell of Koegji Temole rang far away , and the right of the full moon would have shined on the surface of Koeji Pond.
 However , the abolition of Buddha of the Naegi Domain in the early Meiji era almost completely eliminated the valuable literature and cultural heritage related to the Koeji Castle that should have remained in and around the Koegi site and in Uenaegi.

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Let's go out ! "Koeji Castle Samurai Procession"
At the summer festival of Sakakiyama Shrine in Fukuoka
"From Public Relations Fukuoka (August issue)"

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 Koeji Castle Ruins and Koeji Pond
 Koeji Temple Ruins
 Around the Ruins of Koeji Temple
 Children's Mound
 Henkoji Temple Ruins
 Pebble Mount
 Thirty Three Kannon

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